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    You can contact our customer service at +855 87 33 99 82 or +855 78 33 99 88.

    For your claim submission, remember to obtain 1) the original receipt for your medical treatment abroad and 2) any medical certificate.Our personal accident policy usually covers accidents even if they happen when you are abroad.

    The minor’s father, mother, or legal guardian should file the claim.

    No, the beneficiary doesn't have to pay any premiums. Note that we'll deduct any premiums owed or policy debt from any claim amount we pay.

    Yes, the insured or guardian of the beneficiary has to pay the due premiums in order to keep the policy active. When the claim process is completed and any premiums waived, we will refund any premiums as applicable.

    You can contact your agent, one of our branch offices, or our customer service at / +855 87 33 99 82 or +855 78 33 99 88. Simply inform us of the insured’s name and policy number.