Loss of life claims

How to file a claim

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  • Policy document


Certified true copy
Certified true copy means it's a signed copy of an original document. This then needs a new signature from you, the claimant (even if it's already been signed by you or somebody else).

  • Death certificate – this must be sign by a government officer to sign-off on your original documents.
  • The insured and claimant’s ID card – must be signed by the claimant to sign-off on your original documents.
  • Any loss of life from non-natural causes must be signed by the police or relevant government authority to sign-off on your original documents.
  • Non-natural causes include an accidental death, murder (homicide), suicide, a death caused by an animal, or any death with undetermined causes. For these non-natural deaths, we need:
    • Police report
    • Autopsy report (in case of autopsy)


Need your paperwork back?
If you can only send original copies then please let us know if you need any paperwork back and we will post it back to you.

  • This form must be completed by the attending medical doctor.
  • If the loss of life was due to an accident, there's no need to fill out the statement of attending physician’s form. However we will need further details, where relevant - for example, a police report.
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