Critical illness claims

How to file a claim

Important notes before you claim

Claiming for a critical illness?

  1. Check your claim eligibility
    It’s always a good idea to first check that the policy covers your claim. You can do this either by emailing or feel free to give us a call via 087 339 982.
  2. Make a note of our timelines
    You need to submit all related medical paperwork including any reports or certificates from your doctor.
    Please note we can only start processing your claim after we’ve received all completed forms and all the documents we need. 

You are welcome to email us to check if your documents and forms are in order. Please email

Certified true copy
Certified true copy means it's a signed copy of an original document. This then needs a new signature from you, the claimant (even if it's already been signed by you or somebody else).

  • Any medical examination reports such as lab investigations, CT results, pathology reports, or MRI results.
    • Please note these must be signed by somebody with the relevant authority to sign-off on your original documents. For example, it might be the lab technician or the hospital/clinic manager or the person who performed any treatment or tests.
  • All your official medical paperwork.
    • This can be a handwritten or a printed statement but it must from your doctor with their signature and/or clinic stamp, stating the results of any medical diagnosis or examination.
    • Medical reports, paperwork or certificate following a doctor or hospital visit at least 14 days after you were diagnosed with the critical illness.
  • This form must be completed by your doctor.
By mail
By mail

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